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A LITTLE ABOUT GEN BAILEY, the leading voice in American Indian romance.

Gen Bailey's love of writing is combined only with her love of the American Indian culture and this is most evident in her writings by her depiction of the Indian way of life, incorporating little known facts with the overall picture of the way the Indian truly lived. 

"Hollywood in the 50's and many cowboy/western novels of that time," says Gen, "did not paint a true picture of the American Indian. And anyone who will spend any time researching, will discover this for himself. 

"The American Indian was a gentleman, in the true sense of the word. Roaming the prairies, he did not fight or kill the white man until so betrayed and driven by the incoming culture, the Indian had no choice but to turn and defend his homeland. 

"My books center upon the American Indian culture as it was--a true picture--not colored with the sensationalism of death and destruction as was depicted by the newspapers and 'eyewitnesses' of the time, who often carried more political ambition, than truth. 

"I do exhaustive research," says Gen Bailey. "Even to the extent of spending my honeymoon (I've just recently 'tied the knot') on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana.
Gen Bailey is a new pen name for seasoned author, Karen Kay. So come in and visit both websites today!
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Warriors of the Iroquois
Berkley Sensation
April 2010
Historical Romance

1755, the American colonies.  While the English and French fight for control of the North American continent, the American Indians fight for their lives. Another war rages, however, within the heart of one Seneca warrior and a white woman in danger...

Indentured servant Sarah Strong has met with more than her share of troubles en route to New Hampshire with her young charge.  She's been set upon by war parties and tossed about by river rapids, only to fall over a mountain-high waterfall.  And the dangers keep coming...

A reclusive Seneca Indian, White Thunder has only one purpose in life: to find and kill the man who murdered his beloved wife.  But when he stumbles across the injured, desperate Sarah, White Thunder finds what could turn out to be a new purpose.

Now, if the pair can only put aside their many differences, they might find what they've been looking for all along...

Praise for Karen Kay's books:
ISBN# 978-0425233849
April 2010
Berkley Sensations
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
Paper Back
304 Pages
Historical Romance
Ratings: 5 Cups or stars

Sarah Strong is an indentured servant who has endured many struggles while traveling to New Hampshire. When she meets White Thunder, it may be her greatest yet.

White Thunder vowed to find his wife’s killer no matter how long it took. When he finds an English woman washed up on shore, he has no idea the impact she will make on his heart.

White Thunder knew that with the war surrounding them, he needed to keep Sarah hidden in a safe place. He had no idea why he was helping an English woman, but he could not leave her to die. He was trying to go on with his life and not worry about the French and Indian War. The war only wanted to take control of Indian land. For the past fifteen years, he has been searching for the man who murdered his wife. With five years left to serve her master, stumbling upon White Thunder proves a greater undertaking for Sarah during her journey. Can the two find a common bond among such struggling conflict?

Seneca Surrender is a tale with true-fold characters that open up their heart, emitting real emotions. Sarah and White Thunder live up to the happenings around them and try to accept things while enduring hardships. I enjoyed their conversation, their cultures, even though separate, and how they reached out to each other. With tormented souls, they do everything to find a way to become one. The secondary characters enhance the story making it even more realistic. Karen Kay writes a story enabling the reader to feel the pain, agony, anguish, peril, and racism that goes much deeper, within the characters, of some of the people, in the story, to make this read remarkably good. She pens an outstanding extraordinary story beyond words.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

"(A) great read...Completely mesmerizing." 
Publishers Weekly WW Ladies' Book Club

"Heated passion" -- Romance Readers Connection



BLACK EAGLE – Gen Bailey
Warriors of the Iroquois
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-22818-0
May 2009
Historical Romance

With the English and the French at each other's throats, struggling for control of the North American continent, the battle lines have been drawn, changing forever the fates of a Mohawk warrior and a desperate woman on the run.
After Marisa Jameson overhears her uncle's plot to destroy a Dutch town for his own gain, she threatens to expose him -- and is forced to run for her life.  Preferring to brave the war outside rather than the more dangerous one at home, she accepts an invitation to visit a friend.
Mesmerized by Marisa's beauty, a Mohawk warrior named Black Eagle volunteers to act as her guide through the wild forests of New England.  However, he soon senses an unexpected danger and comes to suspect Marisa may not be all that she appears.
Caught in the cross fire of a war, and with a deadly assassin hot on their trails, Marisa and Black Eagle discover that trusting each other is the onlly way to outrun the enemy -- and that love may be the only way to survive.
Please note:
Gen Bailey is a new pseudonym for author, Karen Kay.  This is a different sort of book for me.  Although it is strictly in the Native American genre, it is a faster paced book than what I usually write. I hope you will enjoy it and the new name.


Praise for Gen Bailey's books:

Lake George area, and Albany, New York – 1755

Black Eagle, a Mohawk, runs through the forest to get help for his friend, Sir William Johnson, who has been wounded in battle.  The Iroquois Federation, made up of six different tribes, is peaceful, but they have gotten involved in the white man’s war.  Sides have been chosen, either for the French or for the English.

Marissa’s parents died on the trip to the new world, so she lives in the home of her step-uncle, John Rathburn, a stern, taciturn man.  Her maid, Sarah, ten years older, is her best friend.  Marissa overhears her step-uncle planning to burn out a group of Dutch settlers so that he can confiscate their land.  When Marissa confides this to Sarah, she is appalled.  Is this what happened to her own family when her parents died in a fire and she was obliged to take on their debt and become a servant in the Rathburn home?  Marissa formulates a plan to thwart John Rathburn’s evil plans.

Black Eagle is sent with messages to the home of John Rathburn, where he encounters Marissa.  His heart is taken with her even though he knows they are from different worlds so nothing can come of it.  He pays her extravagant compliments.  Marissa is also attracted to the handsome Mohawk.

Rathburn realizes that Marissa knows too much about his nefarious schemes, and decides that deadly accidents shall befall Marissa and her maid as they travel to New Hampshire.  He hires Thompson, a man he's hired from time to time, for the task, and, in turn, Thompson, afraid for his scalp, hires a scout to guide them through the Abernaki Indian territory.  He hires Black Eagle, the best scout in the area.

The author has done a lot of excellent research in relating this tale of early America, reminiscent of The Last of the Mohicans.  It is amazing to think of that part of the country as a wilderness, beautiful and serene, with only various Indian tribes in the area.  A touching love story, Marissa tries to do the right thing, and Black Eagle is a strong, handsome man, very loving and protective.  Their attraction cannot be denied as they travel with a murderer trailing them, waiting for his chance to kill the women.  As a secondary character, Sarah is a strong woman who passed so much of her life in servitude.  She is a good friend to Marissa.  John Rathburn is greedy and doesn’t hesitate to kill to get what he wants.

BLACK EAGLE is a wonderful tale with characters who are adventurous and courageous during a fascinating time in our history.  Readers are sure to enjoy this beautiful story.  One string is left hanging in this tale – perhaps the next book will be Sarah’s.

Marilyn Heyman

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