For those of you who seek a lofty perch in the annals of history and a
special place in my heart, I invite you to join GEN BAILEY'S WARRIOR-ETTES!

As one of Gen Bailey's Warrior-ettes, you will receive:

My sincere and humble thanks go out to the following people, the very first Warrior-ettes!
  • Francis Miller
  • Cathie Morton
  • Janet Hughes
  • Diana Tidlund
  • Jane Squires
  • Sheila Lawson
  • Sharon Crumper
  • Katherine M. Kakegamic
  • Dena Walton
  • Beth Reimer
  • Emma L. Metz
  • Kristy from New Jersey
  • Catherine Abernathy
  • Denell Wieczorek
  • Melissa Keith
  • Amy Lytle
  • Raeann Williams
  • Arlene Jones
  • Terry Stuart
  • Marilyn Wigglesworth
  • Jenny Cooper
  • Kimberly Rouleau
  • Debra Guyette
  • Lori Barnes
  • June Phyllis Baker
  • Rebekah Elrod
  • Heather Bennett
  • Diane Dicke
  • Tami Bates
  • Melinda Elmore
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Deanna Fullbright
  • Sonja Dimitrovski
  • Dianne Westbrook
  • Malana Whited
  • Linda Barnes
  • Monica M. Carter
  • Kathy Lynn Reed
  • Jean Paquin
  • Robin Priddy
  • Debbie Mercer
  • Donna Bratton
  • Deidre Durance
  • Lilian Gamble
  • Carla Corless
  • Lilian Cilliers
  • Vickie Batten
  • Kristen Waxler
  • Paula Willhoite
  • Pepper Cash
  • Michele Rose Sonnenberg
  • Charlotte Everhart
  • Tasha Bates
  • Ureka Nogales
  • Dianne Smoak
  • Lisa Glidewell
  • New!
Welcome to the Gen Bailey family!!!

Want to join us? All you have to do is sign up and commit to do any (or all) of the following, then report back your successes to me at karenkay.author at earthlink dot net (replace the "at" and "dot" with "@" and ".")

  • Buy my book online or in a bookstore in the first week it hits the
  • If you can’t find my book in the store, nicely ask the bookseller
    to either shelve it if it’s in the back, or order more if they’ve sold
    out -- BLACK EAGLE ISBN #978-0-425-22818-0, (Sometimes booksellers are so busy, they lose track,
    and boxes of books languish in the back room)
  • Recommend my books to your friends and family and hand out bookmarks
    to romance readers (I’ll happily send you more if you run out).
  • If my books are “hiding” on the shelf, face them out so the
    cover is visible (I have one gutsy teenage fan who actually moves my books to the
    bestseller slots, which I only recommend if you’re very intrepid!)
  • Write positive reviews and send them to bookseller sites like
    Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com (They don’t have to be long, just glowing!)
  • Talk up my book to owners of historical or western or romance
    websites you visit (Sometimes I’ll exchange links with them)
  • When you’re in a chatroom or posting to a bulletin board, give my
    books a positive plug
  • If you have a favorite bookseller, e-mail me a photo of you with the bookseller, holding my book, and I’ll post it on my website!

    Sign up today by sending an email with your name and address to: karenkay.author at earthlink dot net (replace the "at" and "dot" with "@" and ".")

    Also, let me know if you've already achieved success as a Gen Bailey Warrior-ette, or what you might be planning. 
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